My name is Brianna, and I am finally graduating.  Most kids really hate school and I certainly have hated a lot of it, but there is one subject I have loved these last few years.  That subject is English/Writing.  I think Ms. Angela was the first person who really inspired me to love writing. She taught me how to truly love and express myself through my writing even if it was some seemingly boring essay about the French Revolution.  I can honestly say that the British Literature class Ms. Angela taught in my junior year of high school was my favorite class I have ever attended! ----- Brianna


BA in English, Texas Tech University
17 years education experience
Private tutor and homeschool teacher covering all aspects of language arts
Verbal ACT tutor with Brainiac Tutoring
Homeschool mom of three


Angela Phelan


What students are saying about Mrs. Phelan:

Thank you for being one of the best teachers I've ever had!  I have learned so, so much from you!  Thank you for the amazing patience you've had taming the class.  Not only are you a great teacher, but you're also a great friend.  You've been such a blessing in my life!  I love you so much! ----- Macaela