English Department Classes

Each tutor in the English Department holds undergraduate/post-graduate work in English or Education, with a median level of seventeen years’ teaching experience.

Small class sizes allow for instruction tailored to the students’ needs.  Students should expect to spend 1-1½ hours of course work per day, four days a week.

While each course covers all areas of English instruction, students have the opportunity to focus on those topics that meet with their personal educational goals. We offer classes that concentrate on the formal writing process, creative writing, grammar, or literature.

All high school courses meet TN state standards for high school graduation.


Below is a suggested sequence of classes.  There is flexibility to accommodate individual student needs and schedules.

It is recommended that high school students complete two years of English and two years of literature during their four years of English study.  English 3 and World Lit will be offered as needed for students who require more individualized instruction.

One Year Adventure Novel is recommended to be an elective credit, rather than an English credit.

            Class                                               Focus                                                              Level

Classical Writing and Rhetoric                           Elementary Language Arts                                                                   4-6

Elementary Foundations                                       Intro to Composition                                                                          5-7

Foundations of Writing 1                                             Composition                                                                                6-8

Foundations of Writing 2                             Advanced Composition (Prerequisite: FOW 1)                                           7-8

English 1                                                          Grammar/Intro to Literature                                                                   9-10

English 2                                                  Formal Composition/Elements of Literature                                                 10-11

English 3          -   -   -   -   -      Advanced English/Composition (Instructor approval required)        -   -   -   -   -   -        12

American Literature                                                      Literature                                                                                   9-12

British Literature                                                           Literature                                                                                  10-12

World Literature                                                            Literature                                                                                 10-12

One Year Adventure Novel             Creative Writing  (Instructor approval required)                                                      9-12