August 8:​ $185


General Description:

This one day, 34 week course is designed to be an introduction into the Latin language. The classroom experience will be interactive, with short video lessons, written practice, and hands-on activities. Lessons will cover grammar and vocabulary, with an emphasis on reading, comprehension, and translating.  Students will complete exercises each week and learn grammar and vocabulary through extended reading.

ACT Prep: 
Since half of our English vocabulary is made up of Latin words and roots, a study of Latin is an excellent preparation for the ACT.

Students Who Should Take This Class:
This high school class is extremely helpful in learning other languages as well as gaining an understanding of the language of science, math, law, government, logic, and theology.  It is the equivalent of one credit of foreign language.


The fee covers materials used in classroom activities, assessments, and all grading.

Supplies Provided by Students:

Students must buy the textbook.


November 1: $185

Total Cost:​ $470

Deposit:​ $100

​Laurel Smith holds a Bachelor of Music Education and taught for ten years in the public school system, and has over fifteen years experience as homeschool instructor in the areas of English, history, and other subjects within the humanities.  She is a homeschool mom and has extensive experience working with students with learning challenges.

Mrs. Smith’s teaching style is hands-on and interactive.  She enjoys creating lessons that are both informative and engaging.  If you peek in her class, you might find her dressed as an historical or literary figure. Students will be analyzing original documents, participating in games or simulations, or presenting projects.  As long as we are learning, we might as well have fun doing it!




Latin 1 (9-11)


Textbook/Materials: Lingua Latina per se Illustrata, Pars 1: Familia Romana (Latin Edition)

ISBN-13: 978-1585104208
ISBN-10: 1585104205