Holt Science and Technology

Human Body Systems and Health

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General Description:
This 1-day, 34 week Life Science course is an exciting introduction to cell theory, ecology, taxonomy, genetics and human body systems.  Biology topics are covered in lecture, group activities and labs.  Students learn science skills, such as technical writing, proper microscope use and analysis of experimental results.  Students dissect a cow eye, pig heart, sheep brain, chicken wing and pig kidney.  It is a great preparation for high school Biology.  All work and testing will be graded by the instructor.
Stnadardized Testing Preparation:
Students practice answering standardized test questions that will help prepare them for future achievement testing.
Students Who Should Take This Class:
This class is appropriate for all middle school students.  

This class includes free tutoring after school, over the phone, via the internet and at The Connection Tutoring Center.
Supply and Lab Fee:
This fee covers the use of all chemicals,  glassware, microscopes, slides, dissection kits, dissection organs, plus safety equipment and safety insurance.  The fee also covers the use of text books, all handouts, classroom supplies used for classroom activities and tests.  ​​​

Supplies Provided by the Student:
Students provide gloves, ruler, colored pencils, calculator and a binder.

About Evolution:

Evolution is a theory that will appear on the ACT, standardized tests and future science classes.  An understanding of the theory is important for success at the university level.  Students cannot effectively defend a position if they do not understand the opposing viewpoint.  For these reasons, the theory is included in the curriculum.  Students are informed that it is perfectly acceptable to  be able to answer questions about a theory that they may not believe or accept.

About Reproduction:

Animal, plant, microorganism and human reproduction is covered during the second semester.  An edited version of the Nova program "The Miracle of Life" is shown during one of the weeks.  Concerned parents can opt out of this chapter.  A DVD can also be borrowed and viewed in order for parents to decide if their student should participate.



Maureen Johnson has a Bachelor's degree in Microbiology and a Master's degree in Education. She spent many years working as an Industrial Microbiologist and Analytical Chemist for a local Chemical manufacturer before she found her true passion, which is teaching.  She left teaching public school to homeschool her children and has been teaching homeschool classes for the last ten years.  

Holt Science & Technology: Cells, 

Heredity, and Classification

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August 8:​ $195


All curriculum is supplied by the teacher.  
Parents do not need to purchase a book

Life Science (7-8)