Laurel Smith holds a Bachelor of Music Education and taught for ten years in the public school system, and has over fifteen years experience as homeschool instructor in the areas of English, history, and other subjects within the humanities.  She is a homeschool mom and has extensive experience working with students with learning challenges.

Mrs. Smith’s teaching style is hands-on and interactive.  She enjoys creating lessons that are both informative and engaging.  If you peek in her class, you might find her dressed as an historical or literary figure. Students will be analyzing original documents, participating in games or simulations, or presenting projects.  As long as we are learning, we might as well have fun doing it!


General Description:
The Founding Fathers created a successful formula that has transformed the modern world.  Their unique contributions have resulted in the free and prosperous society that we now call the United States of America.  This one day, 17 week course includes the principles our Founding Fathers adopted to compose our Constitution.  Students complete a detailed investigation of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the other Amendments.  Topics of study include the role of religion, unalienable rights, and principles from the Bible and throughout history that have influenced this document.  In addition, students have an overview of the Revolutionary War, the Constitutional Convention, and the events surrounding the development of our modern government.  

 Students Who Should Take This Course:
 High school students wishing to understand the United States government should take this course.  It is the  equivalent of .5 credit of the 3 credits of Social Studies graduation requirement.

The fee covers materials used in classroom activities, assessments, and all grading.

Supplies Provided by Students:
Students must buy the textbook..




U.S. Constitutional Government (9-12)     (August to December)

Total Cost: $220

April Deposit:​ $50

 BJU American Government

​ISBN-10: 1606821946
ISBN-13: 978-1606821947

Laurel Smith




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