General Description:

This two day, 34 week Algebra 1 class is the first level of high school math.   It is a rigorous course that covers the skills and knowledge students must have to be successful in all future mathematics classes and most science courses.  Because Algebra 1 is fundamental to so many future classes, Algebra 1 meets twice a week for a total of three hours of instruction.  The basics are drilled into the students with homework, class practice and lecture.  Students receive a 180-day assignment checklist so that they always know exactly what they should be doing at home and in class.  All grading and testing is done by the instructor. 

Students Who Should Take This Class:

All students who have successfully completed pre-algebra with an 80% or higher should take this class.  It is designed to give the best possible beginning for high school math and is highly recommended for all kinds of learners.

Testing Preparation:

This class includes preparation for the math and science sections of the ACT.


Free tutoring is included in the class price.  Tutoring is available with the teacher over the phone, email, text, or during lunch.  Students can also get free tutoring from Mathnasium. 


​The class fee includes the use of the textbook, all class handouts, quizzes, and tests.  

Supplies Provided by the Student:

Students must by a math workbook, 3-ring binder, 5 tab dividers, and a calculator.

Algebra 1 (8-9)    THIS IS A TWICE A WEEK CLASS

August 8:​ $225




Deposit:​ $120




Susan Quiroz is a 20+ year veteran homeschool mom with 10 years’ experience teaching math to homeschooled students of all abilities.   She loves to use analogies about math in her classes, and also to point out spiritual truths reflected in the unchanging nature of numbers! 

Total Cost: $570

November 1:​ $225