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as of Sunday, August 6

  • British Literature, section 1 (1st period) has been canceled. Please register for section 2 (2nd period, Thurs) (8/6/17)
  • PreAlgebra, section 2 (4th period) has been canceled. Please register for section 1 (1st period) (8/2/17)
  • Basic Chemistry, 1st period, 8:15-9:45 has been canceled. ALL Chemistry students should enroll in 2nd period. The curriculum will be adjusted for Basic/Honors. (7/27/17)


Study Hall: 

All students who remain on campus between classes will be required to sign up for the study hall class being held that period. Study Hall will be offered all 4 periods on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Sign Ups for Study Hall classes will be held on Orientation night, August 7th, 2017. 

Fees for Study Hall: 

  • $150 one class period (per year)
  • $250 two class periods per week (per year)
  • $300 three class periods per week (per year)