Total Cost: $530

Deposit: $110

August: $210

November: $210

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Texas Tech University and additional certification
within the legal assistant field. Over the past seventeen years, I have homeschooled my three children
and discovered a passion for teaching and encouraging students of all ages. Throughout these years, I
have taught within tutorial settings and individually as a tutor specializing in all aspects of language arts
and literature, including American, British, and world literature. I am a published author with a passion
for writing and literature and a true love for my students. As we travel through the pages of American
and British literature, I long to leave my students with even a portion of the same appreciation for
literature and writing that I treasure.

American/British/World Literature (9-12)*honors available


General Description:

​This literature class offers students the benefits of homeschooling alongwith the friendship of other homeschoolers in a nurturing environment.
A typical class day engages students through interactive discussion, visual media, and traditional teaching methods which appeal to visual and verbal learners as well as those students that need specific learning accommodations. Class time is engaging and though we work hard, we have fun!  Students will analyze, interpret, and evaluate complex narratives.  This course is designed to be reading intensive, and 3-4 analytical essays are required per semester.  

ACT Preparation:

This Literature course offers grammatical skill work at the beginning of class that prepares students for the English section of the ACT.  Good reading skills (a MUST for ACT Reading) are addressed in all courses.  

Extra tutoring is FREE and available in 15 minute segments on off periods as well as lunch. Email, text, and phone tutoring are also included with the course fees.  More extensive one-on-one tutoring is available on Fridays hourly at a discount for currently enrolled students.  

Students are responsible for purchasing books from a reading list.

Angela Phelan




A reading list will be provided for enrolled students.  Please contact the instructor for more information.