General Description:
This 2 period, 34-week Anatomy and Physiology course covers everything about the human body.  Students will perform labs, view numerous histological slides under the microscope, and perform dissections in order to understand all the body systems.  Students will have weekly written work and watch youtube videos that provide additional help in understanding material.
Laboratory Period
The first class period will be primarily lecture, group work, independent practice, and written work.  
The second period will be laboratory work.  The state of Tennessee requires that all classes must have a minimum of 40%t  of class time devoted to lab activities.  This Anatomy and Physiology class fills that requirement.  Students will observe epithelial tissues, muscle tissues, skin, brain, nervous tissue, bone, blood, blood vessels, and many other slides under the microscope.  There will also be labs where students test their blood type, test osmosis, stain tissue, test antibiotic resistance, and many other activities.  Students will also dissect a cow eye, sheep brain, sheep heart, pig kidney, pig stomach, and fetal pig.  Students who do not want to participate in dissections can watch or opt to stay home for that period and do an online alternative.
Students Who Should Take This Class:
This class is appropriate for junior or senior students who have an interest in the human body, intend to go into a medical or sports field, or need an option to qualify for a high school science lab class credit.
This class includes free tutoring after school, over the phone, via internet, and in person.

All chemicals, glassware, equipment, microscopes, microscope slides, dissection equipment, dissection organisms, textbooks, workbooks, handouts, and general safety equipment are provided.  Special safety insurance covers the science lab activities. 
Supplies Provided by the Student:
Students only provide gloves, safety glasses or goggles, a ruler, colored pencils, calculator, filler paper, and binder.  Students will also be asked to print weekly work at home.  Students who do not have access to a printer can make a copy in the school office.
Modifying the Class:
Students have the option of only taking the lecture or lab portion of the class.  
The curriculum can also be modified to accommodate all kinds of learners including those who have difficulty with math, those who need accelerated curriculum, and learners with disabilities.  Please inform the teacher in order to formulate a plan to address the specific needs of the student.


Deposit:​ $130

Anatomy and Physiology (11-12) **honors credit available***

Textbook/course material to be determined





All curriculum is provided by the teacher.  The teacher will loan the textbooks to students for the full school year for a small deposit and buy the books back at the end of the year if they are returned in good shape.  
Lab Fees and Supplies: Most lab supplies will be provided by the teacher.  However, there will be some items students will be required to purchase from local stores.

Total Cost: $620

August 8:​ $245



November 1:​ $245


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