General Description:

This is a 32 week course with an in depth look at Biology from a Christian perspective.  Topics include: Classification of Plants and Animals, Cell Structure, DNA, Genetics, Microscopic Life, including Fungi and Bacteria, Reptiles, Birds, Fish, Vertebrates and Invertebrates, etc.  Labs include microscope and slide work, dissections of frog, earthworm and much more.

An Anatomy Unit is in addition to the text book and covers all the major Human Body Systems including Skeletal, Nervous, Digestive, Respiratory, Circulatory and Heart, Brain and the 5 Senses.  Each study will end with a dissection of a corresponding specimen to give students a hands on understanding of each system. Some of the specimens include sheep heart, sheep brain, cow eye, fetal pig, etc.

​Supply and Lab Fee:
*Includes all lab supplies: specimens, use of dissection tools, microscopes, slides, etc. Also includes daily schedules and handouts which are provided for students every week.

What students are saying about Mrs. Albritton:

 “Mrs. Kellye made learning Biology fun and easy!  The binder we put together is incredible, and I will absolutely be taking it with me to college! …if you’re looking for a great way to learn an often challenging science, this class is the way to go!”  
                                                                 --Ashley, Biology Major



Honors credit is available with completion of additional coursework. 


PRICING (includes lab fees)



Required Materials and Text:
Exploring Creation with Biology 3rd edition Textbook and Solutions Manual
Tuition: includes lab supplies

Kellye Albritton

Biology (9-11) **Honors Credit Available

Total Cost: $525

Deposit: $105

August: $210

November: $210