Total Cost: $400


Deposit:​ $80



Elementary World History

August 8:​ $160


This course will be an overview of the expansive subject of World History tailored to meet the needs of grades 3-5. It is the story of human ingenuity, struggle, and perseverance.
Areas of study will include:
* Beginning of human society and early civilization

* Better understanding of the amazing history around the Mediterranean

* Chinese and Mesoamerican/South American civilizations and their contributions to world

* New technology and transportation methods that began to make the world a smaller place and allowed for an explosion of knowledge, exploration and discovery

* The Age of Enlightenment that led to the Age of Revolutions.

* We will even find things to celebrate and learn from in our more modern times.
Students will engage in age-appropriate crafts, basic map work, timelines, and much more. We will be guided by the principles of seeking truth and making learning fun.

Materials for class activities provided by the tutor.  Parents may choose to enhance their student's experience by working through a history text at home.

November 1:​ $160