Ms. Becky is an excellent tutor! My eighth grade son has been in her science and/or STEM classes since 3rd grade, and he loves her. With a heart for educating children, she makes every class fun and exciting, no matter the topic. She is high energy and covers a tremendous amount of material each class period without her students feeling overwhelmed with information. In addition to her desire to educate, she also has the desire to make each student comfortable in the classroom. She is very accommodating to each student’s learning style or learning needs. She makes every effort to allow students to learn in the way that is best for them. She is always open to hearing from students and parents whenever questions or concerns arise. We could not be happier with Ms. Becky as our tutor.
Natalee Poindexter

*This elementary class rotates each year with new material.  


Dive into the underwater world of marine animals! Written directly to the student, the gentle conversational style makes Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day perfect for elementary children to read on their own, or for family reading times with mom. Presenting information with a strong creationist viewpoint, this detailed book contains chapters on aquatic animals, whales, seals, fish, sharks, reptiles, Cephalopods and many other creatures you didn't even know existed! Narration may be easily used with younger children; notebooking and "ocean box" activities are included at the end of each chapter. Household labs develop the skills needed to conduct scientifically valid experiments in any field, while magnificent photos bring the ocean right into your classroom. 235 pages, indexed hardcover with answers to the narrative questions included.


Elementary Science (3-5)






Total Cost: $450

Deposit: $90

August: $180

November: $180