What students are saying about Mrs. Smith:

Anyone taking from her should count themselves lucky! She's nice, smart, and fair, and her enthusiasm is contagious! I firmly believe everyone deserves a good English/Writing teacher, and believe me when I say that this one was mine!  ~ Ashlyn

August 8:​ $200

November 1:​ $200






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Deposit:​ $100



English 1: Intro to Literature with Grammar Intensive (8-10)

Total Cost:​ $500

General Description:

English 1 is a 34 week course designed to develop a student’s skills in grammar, vocabulary, and literature, with an emphasis on written expression.  Students reinforce their understanding of grammar, usage, and mechanics and apply these skills to create paragraphs, essays, and a variety of compositions with strong sentence structure. Literary elements, poetry, and figures of speech are introduced as well.  Class activities are interactive and hands-on to engage both enthusiastic and reluctant writers. Students create meaningful projects like the Carpe Diem project and the Autobiography Portfolio.  They study engaging, relevant literature and think critically about what it means to be a human being.  Extensive support resources, daily assignments, videos, and assessments are provided online, so internet access is a must.  Come see how much fun high school English can be! 

ACT preparation:

Extensive focus on grammar, writing, vocabulary, and Latin roots study serve as an excellent review for the English and essay portions of the ACT.


Extra tutoring is FREE and available in 15 minute sessions on my free periods as well as during lunch.  Email, text, and phone tutoring are also included with the course fees.  More extensive one-on-one hourly tutoring is available at a discount for currently enrolled students.

Students Who Should Take This Class:
This course should be taken by high school students who wish to improve their writing skills while participating in fun activities and meaningful assignments.   This class counts as a credit for High School English credit.


The class fee covers all handouts, class materials, testing, and grading.

Supplies Provided by the Student:

Students must have a copy of the books on the reading list as well as an Easy Grammar Plus student workbook.