I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in British and American Literature as well as a Master’s in Teaching Methods for English.  I have also travelled extensively in Europe and have firsthand knowledge of the cultural contexts of many of the books I teach. I have over 23 years of experience in teaching English on various levels including middle, high school, and college.  My years of teaching have not diminished my love for my subject nor for my students, many of whom I still keep in contact.  Teaching is my calling and my passion!


MLA Handbook for Writers, Eighth edition. (newest edition)

A reading list will be provided for enrolled students.  Please contact the instructor for more information.

Total Cost: $550

English 2: Composition (10-11)

November 1:​ $215


General Description:

English 2 offers students the benefits of homeschooling alongwith the friendship of other homeschoolers in a nurturing environment.  A typical class day engages students through interactive discussion, visual media, and traditional teaching methods which appeal to visual and verbal learners-- as well as those students that need specific learning accommodations.  Students explore various modes of formal written discourse such as expository essays, MLA citation style, literary analyses, and a research paper, as well as analyzing/creating imaginative writing.  Class time is engaging and though we work hard, we have fun!  

ACT preparation:
English 2 offers grammatical skill work at the beginning of class that prepares students for the English section of the ACT.  Good reading skills (a MUST for ACT Reading) are addressed in all courses.

Students who should take this class:

There is no ONE type of student that is a typical HS English student at the Connection. Students who do not love to read or write are just as numerous as those who love reading and writing. All abilities are welcome.  All English 2 and literature courses meet State Standards for a high school English credit in Tennessee. In fact, some past students have enjoyed classes so much that they have opted to take classes to meet high school elective requirements.

Extra tutoring is FREE and available in 15 minute segments on off periods as well as lunch. Email, text, and phone tutoring are also included with the course fees.  More extensive one-on-one tutoring is available on Fridays hourly at a discount for currently enrolled students.  


Students are responsible for purchasing books from a reading list.  


August 8:​ $215




Deposit:​ $120