General Description:
This course will include an overview of modern government structure and an examination of economic principles.   In the fall semester, students will begin with an investigation of the Constitution and move into an in-depth study of the branches of government.  In the spring semester, students will consider the impact of basic economic standards and apply them to everyday situations.  Class activities will be hands-on and interactive, using real world examples and projects to encourage critical thinking and creative learning.   Extensive resources, assessments, videos, and lesson supports are provided online.​

Students Who Should Take This Course:
All high school students are required to take US History and two additional Social Studies credits in order to graduate.  Most homeschool umbrella schools recommend students take Government and Economics as part of those three Social Studies credits.  But aside from that, these courses are such interesting and relevant subjects! Every American citizen should have a working knowledge of our heritage of representative democracy and free market economy.  This course is the equivalent of 1 credit towards the 2 Social Studies credits required for high school graduation.

Fee: The fee covers materials used in classroom activities, assessments, and all grading.  Students will also have access to an online economics textbook.

Supplies Provided by Students:  Students must buy the textbooks.



Government & Economics (9-12)   

This textbook is provided by instructor.  You do NOT need to purchase this book.

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy

​ISBN-13: 978-0942617641
ISBN-10: 0942617649

Total Cost:  $425

*** Cost for only one semester of Government or Economics is $240***

Deposit:​ $85

Laurel Smith



August 8:​ $170       November 1: $170



Laurel Smith holds a Bachelor of Music Education and taught for ten years in the public school system, and has over fifteen years experience as homeschool instructor in the areas of English, history, and other subjects within the humanities.  She is a homeschool mom and has extensive experience working with students with learning challenges.

Mrs. Smith’s teaching style is hands-on and interactive.  She enjoys creating lessons that are both informative and engaging.  If you peek in her class, you might find her dressed as an historical or literary figure. Students will be analyzing original documents, participating in games or simulations, or presenting projects.  As long as we are learning, we might as well have fun doing it!


 BJU American Government 

​ISBN-10: 1606821946
ISBN-13: 978-1606821947