Total Cost: $470




​Susan Quiroz is a 25+ year veteran home economist (Homemaker) with extensive experience in the areas of child care, sewing, baking, cooking, cleaning, organizing, decorating, showing hospitality and more.  She is very excited to pass on some of these skills to the next generation of young ladies who are interested in learning some of the forgotten arts of homemaking.  Young men are also welcome to learn these essential life skills!


Deposit:​ $95

November 1:​ $188

August 8:​ $188

General Description:

This one day, 34-week course in Home Economics teaches skills all students will need as an adult.  Real life skills such as budgeting, meal preparation, home maintainence, and so much more are taught using a skill-based approach.  Students explore the importance of creatively living within one's means with fun and challenging projects.  Food preparation is covered extensively.  Students practice menu writing, grocery shopping on a budget, cooking, baking, and serving meals with plenty of practice in class and at home.  Students will learn sewing basics and complete sewing projects while briefly covering other handiwork skills such as knitting and crocheting.  A special emphasis is given to the topic of organization.  Students will learn to organize their space and time in order to work effectively.  This is an especially important life skill to carry into adulthood.  After completing this course students will have semester-long projects such as a personal recipe collection, Pinterest boards with home decorating ideas, and other useful resources.  More importantly, students will have mastered the skills they will need to successfully navigate adult life.

Students Who Should Take This Class:

​When my older children were in high school we focused on "checking the academic boxes" for graduation.  Looking back, I realize that the intensive academic focus meant we skipped over studying some real life skills they could have used as they headed into adulthood.  This class can greatly benefit high school students of all ages.  Any student that will become an independent adult should take this class.


This course is equivalent to 1 high school elective credit. 

Supply Fee: $75

This covers supplies that will be used during class time.

What The Student Will Provide:

Students provide materials to work on personal projects.


Home Economics (9-12)

This class does not use a textbook.

Students will be provided with handouts, which they will keep in a binder.