***Material fees (paid directly to the tutor) $50 or less depending on class size


This class meets only one day a week

August 8:​ $185

Honors credit is available with completion of additional coursework. 


November 1: $185

*Prerequisites to be determined by tutor and any exceptions will need to be approved by the tutor as well. 


Textbook to be purchased by parents: Spanish Is Fun: Book One (English and Spanish Edition) by Heywood Wald 3rd edition.  (ISBN 10: 1567654649 or  ISBN 13: 9781567654646), online materials, and teacher compiled notebook (available from tutor, costs reflected in material fees below), reliable access to internet daily. 




Introduction to Spanish (6-8)

This will be a middle school class and no previous experience/exposure to Spanish is necessary to participate in this course. However, each student should have the ability to work as a collaborative group member in class and independently at home to complete weekly assignments. 

Total Cost: $470

Is time para hablar Español 

Learning a Spanish language will give to your child a valuable competitive advantage in today’s world; fluently bilingual students score higher in verbal and non-verbal intelligence, memory ability, score higher in reading, language and math, students gain superior cross-cultural skills and more choices for higher education and job opportunities. 

Learn Spanish in an efficient, relaxed and fun way. I am specializing in teaching students to become bilingual. My classes are fun and effective way to learn Spanish. 

I am native professional teacher and expert in providing creative and innovating classes. My principal objective is that my students will be able to start speaking Spanish from the first day of class with a BIG focus on increasing my student’s confidence.

My program is based on "listening and conversation" with play and fun learning interactions.
My methodology for teaching Spanish is Immersion type of classes; students practice as if they were in a Spanish speaking country.
During the classes, the student will have an opportunity to practice conversation on various subjects of interest:  restaurants, cafes, shopping, vacations, etc., while practicing your conjugations, pronunciation and more.
Include storytelling and writing, class discussions, readings, games, and more important cultural explorations that will encourage students to be actively engaged with the language, culture, history so they can proudly say Soy International! – I’m international.  

Deposit:​ $100