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Middle School Geography/Civics (6-8)



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Rand McNally Student Atlas

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Middle School World Geography with U.S. Geography and Civics

When you meet a new friend and can’t remember if she is from Bulgaria or Bolivia, it can be awkward. If
you don’t know which continent either country is in, it is time to put work into understanding World
Geography. We will, of course, be working with maps and atlases to understand placement, topography
and water resources of a country.

We will also learn about the culture, economy and political challenges of the many and vast countries
and regions across the globe. There will be no requirement to memorize spelling, the only requirement
will be to participate in activities to gain true understanding of the world around us.

In January, we will shift focus to U. S. Geography and American Civics. We will gain a better
understanding of our country and the diverse people that populate the different regions. We will spend
time understanding the three branches of federal government through better understanding the U. S.

One of the easiest ways to make these subjects meaningful is to learn through participation in fun
activities. Each week we will work with engaging and hands-on activates to enhance learning. At the end
of the year, you may not be ready to try out for Teen Jeopardy, but you will absolutely know more about
the world around you than most adults.