The Story of the World

Volume III

ISBN-10: 0972860320
ISBN-13: 978-0972860321

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Deborah Woody is a graduate of MTSU with a degree in music business, and double minors in music and mass communication with an emphasis on education.   She has taught guitar and piano for 25 years and homeschooled for 16 years.  Using her interest in all things old and also practical, she has taught both history and finance to homeschoolers and in co-ops for the last 12 years.  As a homeschooling parent,  she has developed interesting ways to combine curriculums while ensuring that all her classes meet the requirements under Tennessee law.

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Middle School History (5-8)

Total Cost: $425

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General Description:

This one day, 34 week course provides students with a fun, hand on learning approach to history.  The class is centered around the belief that students learn best when lessons are hands-on and fun.  Although there are numerous websites that have activities to present history, students retain more information and have more memorable experiences when learning as a group.  For example, students report that enjoy playing Oregon Trail much more when they have the opportunity to play it with an entire group of classmates.  Each week, students fill in an outline and then play games or do crafts to reinforce the information. Homework consists of reading one chapter per week and answering 15-20 questions.  All work is graded by the teacher.

Students Who Should Take This Class:

​Any middle school student who wants to explore history in a entertaining, high energy, hands-on learning experience.  

Each year, the curriculum is changed in order to meet the needs of returning students.  This class rotates following the classical

learning 4 year style.


​The fee covers all craft supplies and games used during class.  It also covers all copies and handouts used in the course.

​Supplies Provided by the Student:

Students will provide the text.


Deposit:​ $85