Roger Kamien's

Music Appreciation

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ISBN-10: 1308170092

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Hal Leonard's Music Theory for Guitarists

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General Description:

This one day, 34 week class is designed to teach the joy of music, the creation of music, and give the students a background to understand music throughout history.  Going through the development of music chronologically, students learn about the styles of music and how to recognize each era.  Students also explore specific composers, and train their musical ears to recognize songs by those composers.  Can you tell a Mozart from Bach?   Students learn note value, and basic music theory.  The course is modified to reflect the interests of the students. Note reading is not taught or required.  

Students who should take this class:

Any student interested in music or wanting to learn about the guitar or ukulele would enjoy this class.


​Class fees cover all classroom materials and any materials related to the text.  It is not necessary for the students to purchase a textbook.

​Supplies Provided by the Student:

Students must bring either a guitar or ukelele to class each week.

Delaney holds bachelor’s degrees in English and philosophy from the University of Memphis. He studied literary theory at the graduate level for over a year, where he taught college English to freshmen.  He has a deep respect for all liberal arts and instructional experience with students of all levels. Currently, he is Assistant Director of Mathnasium of Germantown. Whatever Mr. Page is teaching, he inspires appreciation for the subject matter and confidence in his students!

Music Appreciation with Guitar and Ukelele Instruction (Gr. 6-12)