One Year Adventure Novel (grades 8+)

Other Supplies Needed:

Notebook or binder with paper

Pens--Blue or Black ink 

Access to dictionary/thesaurus at home--not to bring to class



August 8:​ $160

Students must submit a proficient writing sample for approval.



Mrs. Smith will purchase for each student a $75 student set (workbook + textbook + copy of The Prisoner of Zenda+ discount shipping). 

**If there are siblings in the group, the sibling may purchase a $35 workbook only instead of a student set if the siblings are willing to share the textbook and The Prisoner of Zenda.  Parents will give Mrs. Smith a $75 check at orientation to purchase these materials. (Purchasing as a group will ensure a much better rate for shipping.)

Total Cost: $400

The One Year Adventure Novelwriting curriculum guides students (grades 8+) step by step
through the process of writing a compelling, fully structured, emotionally-compelling adventure
novel in one school year. Video-based through 78 lessons, The One Year Adventure Novel
curriculum’s unique approach to writing begins where many writing courses do not go at all,
with an exploration of Story.
Young writers, no matter how much natural talent and discipline they have, need training in
understanding Story—what makes a story work.

Semester one:
*The five elements of story *Character roles and depth
*Conflict (disaster and dilemma) *Story structure (Acts & Scenes)
*Four defining moments of every story *The novel outline: twelve chapters and their
Semester two:
*How to write - writing a rough draft *Creating emotion and the illusion of reality
*Modes (Summary, Detail, Dialogue) *Modifiers
*Various techniques of fiction (character *Revision
masks and handles, the unexpected,
cliffhangers, etc.)

This is a 32-week course and is the equivalent of one high school-level English credit.



November 1:​ $160

Deposit:​ $80