Study Skills and Keyboarding (8-12)



November 1:​ $188

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General Description:

Study Skills:

​In this course, students discover easy-to-use, important study skills that will help them achieve academic success. 

The class improves student achievement in virtually all other classes.  The students will find a note-taking system that works for them, develop effective study habits, and plans for getting the most out of class time. Students are taught effective strategies for preparation for standardized tests, quizzes, and final examinations. In addition, students will receive guidance about how to choose the right classes and extracurricular activities.

Computer Skills:
Computer skills are crucial for success in this technological age. To prepare your students for the next stage of life,

this course also offers daily practice, timed writings, skill evaluation exercises, and instruction in document processing

using standard word-processing programs. This is a hands-on and skill-based course that will sharpen study

and computer skills, boost grades, and position your student for success!  

Students Who Should Take the Class:

Any high school student interested in improving grades and in learning word processing.

Testing Preparation: 

This will improve students ability to prepare for the ACT

Lab and Supply Fee: $75

All classroom supplies are provided by the teacher except for the textbook and laptop computer.

Supplies Provided by the Student: 

Textbook, (TBA ASAP)  Laptop with word processing program.

Total Cost: $470

Susan Quiroz learned the first semester of college that studying the night before a test  will lead to academic disaster.  After that fateful semester, she began to apply study skills that carried her successfully through college and graduate school. She realized the immense value in instructing children in those study skills as well as teaching them to type on a keyboard, quickly and accurately. During ten years of watching some homeschool students fail to thrive due to poor study habits and lack of organizational skills, she decided to put together this one-year high school course to arm students with essential study and keyboarding skills.


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August 8:​ $188