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Laurel Smith




US History (9-12)

General Description:

This one day, 34 week course explores American History from its origins in native people through the Western colonization and into modern times. Classes are interactive and story-driven, with an emphasis on critical thinking. A broad approach integrates the arts and literary movements with historical and political events. Designed to meet the requirements for high school American History, this is a stand-alone course or the perfect compliment to the American Literature course. Students will create meaningful projects to deepen their understanding of each era of our nation’s past.  Extensive resources, assessments, videos, and lesson supports are provided online, so internet access is a must.

ACT Preparation:
While there is not a specific social studies section on the ACT, there will be reading passages from this content area that students will be expected to analyze.  This course will give students an opportunity to work on recognizing the main idea, comparing and contrasting ideas, establishing inference, and identifying cause and effect from the text, as well as analyzing original documents.

Students Who Should Take This Class:
This course should be taken by high school students who are interested in learning American History through participation in simulations, games, and interactive discussions.  Students are engaged in learning history because they are allowed to think critically, work cooperatively, and express themselves creatively.  This course is the equivalent of one high school U.S. history credit, which is required for graduation.

Supplies Provided by the Student:
Students will provide the Textbook, BJU United States History (4th ed.), and materials for projects.


What students are saying about Mrs. Smith:

History was one of my favorite classes!  The study guides were detailed and helped a lot! I specifically liked the Decades Project!  ~ Julie


BJU United States History (5th ed.)

ISBN - 978-1-62856-207-1