General Description:

History comes alive in this one day, 34 week broad overview of World History.  Students engage in critical thinking when discussing historical events. Why did Japan bomb us in Pearl Harbor?  Why are there continuing tensions in Africa and the Middle East?  Each week, students read a chapter and answer questions for homework.   During class, those questions and their implications are discussed and then students play a game, create a craft, or practice mapping to reinforce concepts.  Students might negotiate the treaty for the Germany surrender of WWI, or make a Japanese Sakura.  The teacher grades all work for this class.

Students Who Should Take This Class:

This class is open to all students who are interested in learning about the history of the world or high school students who need to fill requirements for graduation.  This class includes the geography component required by Tennessee state law and does fulfill one credit of the two Social Studies requirements for high school graduation, or as one of the six elective credits.  This course is TSSAA approved.  


​The fees cover all crafts, games, handouts, and supplies needed for classroom activities.

​Supplies Provided by the Student:

Students must purchase a copy of the textbook.

Glencoe World History

ISBN-13: 978-0078745256
ISBN-10: 007874525X

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Total Cost: $450

Deposit: $90

August: $180

November: $180

World History (8-12)