Honors Chemistry (10-12)




Deposit:​ $109

General Description:

This 2-day, 34 week Chemistry course will effectively prepare students for science at the university level.  Students will learn laboratory skills using lab equipment comparable to that they will find at most colleges.  This class will teach fundamental skills like technical writing and a logical problem solving approach to science math.  The basic Chemistry topics are covered in lecture, classroom practice, inquiry labs and skills tests.  Online activities, like games, videos and review apps, are utilized to reinforce classroom lessons.  Students work in pairs or groups to solve real world Chemistry problems.  All work and testing will be graded by the instructor.

ACT Preparation:

ACT skills and practice problems are part of the curriculum.  Students will practice problems from actual ACT tests and work on approaches to successfully conquer the science section of the ACT.

Students Who Should Take This Class:

This class is appropriate for students who expect to enroll at a university and might have to take a Chemistry course.  Many majors, where students do not anticipate needing Chemistry, can actually find it is required.  Students should have successfully completed Algebra I and Physical Science as a prerequence.  


This class includes free tutoring after school, over the phone, via the internet and at  The Connection Tutoring Center.

Supply and Lab Fee:

This fee pays for the use of chemicals, burners, glassware, calorimeters, plus safety equipment and safety insurance.  The fee also covers the use of text books, all handouts and classroom supplies used for classroom activities and tests.

 ​Supplies Provided by the Student:

 Students only provide gloves, goggles, ruler, colored pencils, calculator and binder.



Maureen Johnson has a Bachelor's degree in Microbiology and a Master's degree in Education. She has obtained all the University requirements to teach Chemistry, Biology, and Math.  She spent many years working as an Industrial Microbiologist and Analytical Chemist for a local Chemical manufacturer before she found her true passion, which is teaching.  She left teaching public school to homeschool her children and has been teaching homeschool classes for the last ten years.  Maureen Johnson brings real world experience to the Chemistry classroom as well as access to science experts from many different fields of study.


November 1: $218

August 8:​ $218

Total Cost: $545


All curriculum is supplied by the teacher.  

Parents do not need to purchase a book

Holt Chemistry 
ISBN-13: 978-0030664625
ISBN-10: 0030664624

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Holt Chemistry Problem Solving Workbook:

ISBN-13: 978-0030682698
ISBN-10: 003068269X

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