* Chemistry Major at LSU
* 20 years experience in homeschooling at tutorials
* 32 years experience in homeschooling
* Science teacher, private tutor
* Homeschool Mom of 3, Grandmother of 2

Kellye Albritton


What parents say about Mrs. Albritton:

I have known Kellye for many years and have always found her to be an uplifting person. She is willing to go the extra mile, or miles, to help with friends, and certainly passes that on to her students. My grandson has signed up with her this school year. He totally hated school and had a series of bad experiences in public school system. This year we have seen a total turn-around! He looks forward to seeing Ms. Kellye and tells us he does not get bored in her class (quite something for a 16 year old!).  If we have any questions or concerns, there is no problem in connecting with her. We will be signing up with her again this year. We are fortunate to have her!
Awesome teacher. Awesome person.
~ Jeannette Jeffries

Email: wutasavior@aol.com

I love science and absolutely love teaching! I began with my own children 32 years ago back when homeschooling was just getting started.  We have come so far, and it is such a privilege to be able to share my knowledge with your student.

My classes are interactive and participatory. My labs are both fun and educational and really give a hands-on opportunity for students to learn the concepts we are studying.  As much as I want them to learn science, I also want them to love science, so I strive to create a comfortable atmosphere where learning is enjoyable.  I have always had a great rapport with my students.  I’m available anytime.  My phone number and email are on the bottom of every schedule.

My classrooms are always hi tech and comprehensive, but explained in a way that every student understands the concepts. My experience with all of the many different ways children learn has allowed me to teach to each child in the way that THEY will comprehend. And I love them all!

My goal is to teach your student in an environment that is both enjoyable and informative!  We always have a great time learning!!  I look forward to meeting you and your student and to a great year ahead!!

Physical Science (8-10)

Biology (9-11)

Chemistry (9-12)

Honors credit is available for high school courses.