FOW 1 or a writing sample to show proficiency in IEW techniques.

This course picks up where FOW I left off and advances each student’s writing strength.
Students continue to use the same tools and charts while learning new models and techniques
not previously presented in FOW I. Students will become confident writers as they delve into the
details of the report and essay-writing process. From thesis statements to transitions,
introductions, and conclusions, students will learn the building blocks of a well-crafted report
and essay.

This level-two class will use a variety of stylistic techniques including sophisticated vocabulary,
complex sentence structure, and advanced decorations. Students will create research reports from multiple sources, easily complete five-paragraph reports and essays, conduct interviews and summarize findings, write letters, and create book and movie critiques.

Before taking this course, students should be able to write an excellent paragraph with a topic
and clincher sentence, as well as the ability to incorporate the various Dress-Ups, Sentence
Openers, and Decorations from the previous IEW curriculum.
This class will also include and emphasize important, practical grammar rules and editing skills.
Vocabulary lists and quizzes will also be included.

This is a 32-week course and earns one middle school English credit*

Foundations of Writing Level 2 (FOW 2) (7-9)





Other Supplies Needed:

Loose Leaf Paper

Three-Ring Binder (any size)

5 dividers for organizing binder

               (labeled: Current Paper, Assignment Sheets, Class Handouts, Vocabulary, Graded Papers)

Pens--Blue or Black ink only, please

Highlighter (any color)

Access to dictionary/thesaurus at home--not to bring to class

*High School Credit can be earned with class modifications.



​​Total Cost: $450

Deposit: $90

August: $180

November: $180