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Honors credit is available for this course.




Physical Science with STEM integration (8-10)

Total Cost: $475

Deposit: $95

August: $190

November: $190

Kellye Albritton


PRICING (includes lab fees)

Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science 3rd edition
Solutions and Test Manual

This is a 30 week course with an in depth look at Physical Science from a Christian perspective. Topics include the study of Atoms, Molecules, Elements, the Metric System, Atmosphere, Air, Water, Weather, Newton’s Laws, Light, Force, Sound, and Astrophysics, etc. Includes weekly labs and experiments and will be supplemented with Abeka curriculum and materials, provided by tutor.

This course also offers a foundation for Chemistry and Physics, as well as a detailed look at the Earth and our Atmosphere.  Each class consists of lecture and lab time and some classes will include a STEM component with  science reasoning, critical thinking, engineering, and scientific research.  The experiments are hands-on and take place weekly.  Students will work alone and with a lab partner.  Students are required to keep a weekly Lab Journal.

There will be 2-3 science projects during the year. 

In addition to the Apologia text, this program is supplemented with Abeka materials (supplied by tutor) but students will only be responsible for purchasing the Apologia curriculum. (When reporting to your cover, you may note both Apologia and Abeka as curriculum used for this course.)

This class meets one day a week for 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

What parents are saying about Mrs. Albritton:

”Ms. Kellye is truly invested in her students and keeping them involved in science. When asked, My son said he likes how interesting the class is and he is never bored. He also appreciates her encouragement to have fun and share that with her and the class.”
~ Gina, Physical science parent